Joint Sealants/Fillers

  • Exterior Building Joint Sealants for all building materials including Tilt-up concrete, Precast, Brick, Masonry of all types, EIFS, Stucco, GFRC, Metal panels,
  • Exterior & Interior Curtain wall and storefront sealants
  • Interior Firestop systems at Head of CMU and Drywall, Fire Rated expansion joints and penetrations.
  • Concrete slab fillers and sealants. Metro Waterproofing installs all types of Semirigid epoxy and Polyurethane floor joint fillers for industrial warehouse slabs. These joint fillers are installed to protect the warehouse slab edges from spalling from the heavy traffic and abuse of hard fork lift wheels.
  • Exterior horizontal concrete sidewalk and pavement joints- Metro Waterproofing installs high performance urethane and silicone joints systems to help protect exterior concrete joints.

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