Mission Statement

The mission of Metro Waterproofing Inc. is to satisfy our customers' needs for high quality, cost-effective waterproofing and restoration services. In fulfilling this mission, Metro Waterproofing Inc. will be guided by the following values:

Superior Service

Service is the cornerstone for an effective partner to our customers. Each should feel that they are our only customer, and in Metro Waterproofing, Inc. they have found far more than a vendor. They have found a vital and effective extension of their business.

Respect For The Individual

Our people are important, not only as contributors to our success, but as human beings. We will recognize their rights, dignity and individuality.

Continuous Quest For Excellence

We are determined to be the best, as a company and as individuals. We vow never to be satisfied with our current performance -- no matter how good it is -- and to continually seek improvement, personal excellence, and new opportunities to serve.

Uncompromising Integrity

Our actions should set the standard for high ethical and legal principles. We will never engage in, or support any act that is even marginally illegal, unethical or inappropriate.

Continuous Growth

We will encourage any growth opportunities that open new doors for our customers and our people without compromising the excellence of our existing operations.

High Level of Safety

Customers will be reassured that our people will be given the highest level of safety assurance. We will meet or exceed all OSHA guidelines, and each individual is empowered to make safety decisions as needed on a per-job basis.

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